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There is a lot more to running a business then simply providing goods or services. Miller Verchota can help take away some of that responsibility by providing you with the accounting services you need to help your business run smoother.  Whether it is quarterly payroll services or quarterly financial statements, we are more than qualified to fit your business’ needs.
Accounting services provided by Miller Verchota include:

  • General Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Monthly and Quarterly Sales Tax Returns
  • Monthly and Quarterly Payroll Services
  • Reviews and/or Compilations
  • Financial Statements
  • Financial Projections
  • Cash Flow and Budget Analysis

Miller Verchota is prepared to assume some or all of these burdens for your business.  We will work with you to identify the current resources you use for your accounting functions, and help identify your specific needs for accounting services.  We will thoroughly and diligently work with you and your business to find the most resourceful and cost efficient way to run your business.

Auditing Services
We can provide the auditing service you may need.  We are qualified and have the expertise to perform the following audits:

Financial Statement Audits
In a financial statement audit, the assertion the auditor seeks to obtain is that the financial statements are reliable and are free from material mistakes.  We will examine and verify your company records and test the supporting documentation so that we can give you an opinion on your financial statements.

Internal Control Audit
We can perform an internal control audit to make sure that the controls you have in place are working and effective to prevent any fraud.  We also may suggest to you procedures that you can put in place to tighten the controls you may already have in place.  We can test your computer systems to make sure that you have the proper firewalls in place and review your password systems.

Fraud Audits
Perhaps you have experienced the unpleasant event that has prompted you to hire an outside third party to review your books for potential fraud.  We can assist your company in this type of audit and can issue a report on our findings.  In addition, we can testify if you need us to in the courts to verify our findings should that be necessary.

The following is a list of services:

  • Not-for-Profit
  • Construction IDOT Audits
  • Governmental Audits
  • Mortgage Bankers/Brokers
  • Fraud
  • Computer System Internal Control Audits

Taxes can be very overwhelming and hard to understand.  We take the time to master the tax laws to provide the best accounting services.  By listening to each individual’s life we build a connection.  We adapt our knowledge of taxation to the life of each individual and their family.   Ultimately, we will provide a well-managed, resource conservative, time efficient tax return.

Miller Verchota takes the time to learn each businesses operations and functions. In doing so, we are able to provide an accurate understanding of the business and a strong relationship with the client. We can then provide tax credit information and assist in any business decisions and/or changes that need to be made to meet certain requirements. We want to make sure each entity is provided with the opportunity to save money. After all, "a penny saved is a penny earned." – Benjamin Franklin

Our tax services provided are listed below:

  • Individual Tax Planning and Preparation
  • Business Tax Planning and Preparation
  • Amended Tax Planning and Preparation
  • IRS Representation

Miller Verchota has over 35 years of business and accounting experience which provides knowledge, understanding, and confidence to assist with important business and wealth decisions. 

Some services provided to help with financial decisions include:

  • Business Sales and Purchases
  • Business Valuations of Private Enterprises
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Calculations of Damages in Litigation
  • Disruption of a Business
  • Dissenting Shareholder Actions
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
  • Employee Benefits and Pension Plans
  • Intangible Property Value Determinations
  • Management Advisory Services
  • Obtaining Financing
  • Partner Disputes
  • Split-ups/Spin-offs


Estate tax planning is an important decision in life and one that involved a great deal of attention.  We are well experienced and able to provide appropriate tax information on the preservation of your future wealth.  We will be able to discuss some of the tax liabilities, provide an overview and analysis, and ultimately assist in making tax decisions.

  • Adequate Life Insurance
  • Estate Planning and Tax Return Preparation
  • Gift Planning and Tax Return Preparation
  • Succession Planning


We are well educated with it comes to technology.  We are also moving towards a more “green” workplace by limited the use of paper as much as possible. The use of email is a great tool in doing so, and the use of the different accounting programs provides us a common ground to begin, exchange, and complete accounting for our clients.Peachtree LogoSage Software LogoQuickBooks Logo

Some services we provide for technical support include:

  • Computer Consulting
  • Accounting Software Consulting and Purchasing
  • Technical support for Sage BusinessWorks, Quickbooks, and Sage Peachtree.